Keurig Troubleshooting How To Fix Common Problems

Rather than review any one particular model in their line-up, today’s troubleshooting discussion will be based on present Keurig models and where Keurig can stand to increase their product lineup.

User feedback plays a large part in creating such a list of issues, because it’s just out in the wild — at the office, at home, etcetera, where the real tests play in everyday usage.

Keurig Troubleshooting: Issues & Fixes

Keurig coffee makers are generally very durable and dependable, but they can develop strange quirks that can leave a coffee-dependent individual in a challenging place.

Regular maintenance can greatly lower the risk of having to perform with your coffeemaker.

Power Button Not Working – Keurig Will Not Effect On?

Whether you’re setting up a brand new machine or attempting to power an existing machine, the correction to get a Keurig that will not turn is fairly consistent:

Check to make certain the machine is plugged.

Confirm that the socket is functioning correctly by plugging in something different.

Press and hold the power button before your Keurig lights some display screens may incorporate the term “welcome” on the display screen.

Make certain your water heater is correctly seated.

If these fail, disconnect the machine in the wall socket and check to make sure the cord is firmly affixed to the body of the coffeemaker. If you observe any looseness at the connection, contact customer services.

This failure generally stems from a failure of the existing contacts from the machine.

By way of example, the water reservoir, even if eliminated, has to be returned into the machine so the magnetic contacts onto the reservoir link with the contacts onto the machine; if not the Keurig will power down as it does not feel there’s any new water available.

It’s critical to review the placement of these magnets when you install your machine. If you eliminate your spade each time you fill your Keurig, it can be easy to accidentally move the magnets around from the handling.

It’s also important to be aware that a few Keurigs have an auto-shutoff timer feature.

You can review this setting by simply speaking to your manual and scroll through the display menu on your machine before you can affirm the auto-timer is set to “off.”